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Active and assisted living: CreaClics

CreaClics is a well-thought-out all-in-one care home automation solution that allows people to live at home comfortably for longer or helps after illness or an accident. This with full protection of the user data and with highly secure communication protocols. Our system can also be used in rest homes, rehabilitation centers, care hotels and hospitals in Belgium and worldwide.
By automating simple daily tasks, such as operating the television, opening and closing doors, opening and closing curtains or shutters, controlling the temperature, an automatic arranging a bed, adjusting lighting, calling for help,… people get the feeling of living more independently. In addition to a few commands, complete scenarios can also be programmed. For example, the “sleep scenario”: all lights are automatically dimmed, blinds and curtains close, doors are locked, the automatic bed lowers, the temperature is adjusted, the television switches off.

People are getting older and initially want to live at home comfortably for as long as possible. It is very difficult for people with a severe disability to live independently today. Yet there is very high pressure from politicians to live a more independent life. The rule also applies to institutions to provide as much “real” care as possible and all the peripheral care (eg “Can you turn on the TV?” “Can you open the curtains?” “Can you raise the bed? alternative way, due to great pressure on personnel costs.

CreaClics offers an application to automate a home or care institution so that every sensor and actor are connected and the building becomes a working instrument or resource. In this way everything is centralized and there are no 20 different applications where the user can no longer see the forest for the trees. This for both the care provider and the care provider. One application where everything is integrated to grow old comfortably or where people with disabilities regain independence to a certain extent. CreaClics can also be used in large institutions where care calls and logging are very important. Here we can link with the healthcare server of the institution or we can deliver our own solution.

With this system, people in need of help can live and function independently for longer. Such adjustments in the home increase comfort and relaxation. Home automation can make a substantial difference for the elderly and those in need of help who want to continue living at home!

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