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Enjoying some quality time for the television? Ask your house to start the television et voilà, the curtains close automatically, the mood lighting goes on and the television starts to play.

Prefer the simplicity of the past, but the comfort of tomorrow? Then opt for a simple all-in-1 remote control.

Whatever you choose, spoil yourself with ultimate audio and video. For an intense experience.

An enjoyable and cozy dinner with candlelight or enjoying a nice movie? Then you can have your curtains closed automatically. Even when it gets too hot or dark outside, your curtains will close automatically. Enjoy more comfort thanks to customized home automation.

Heavy sash windows are often very beautiful, but not always handy to open and close. Make it easier for yourself and your roommates by having the window open and close automatically.

Crea Domotics voorziet een zeer uitgebreid gamma aan schakelaars, druktoetsen en veel meer…